Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An Artificial Beach in Fez ~ Project Moves Forward

After an international call for expressions of interest to build an artificial beach in Fez, it has been announced that the tender has been won by the Moroccan Jamai Group  (GJ). Hicham Jamai, head of the group, says that "earthworks will start shortly" 
Fez beach be a kilometre long and have replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World

A jubilant Hamid Chabat, the mayor of Fez, announced, "The winner is the Jamai Group (GJ), a company that has initiated several real estate and other projects in different cities of the Kingdom." Hamid Chabat, was speaking last Friday at the inauguration of the Place de l’Amérique Latine, at the Jardin Champ de Courses.

The Fez mayor is quick to point out that "with this private operator, the beach will cost the city of Fez zero dirhams" and will provide a new place for its people to swim and escape the scorching temperatures in summer. "This tourism project should be a great place of attraction for both residents and tourists," concluded the mayor.

The mayor of Fez, Hamid Chabat

Back in May, The View from Fez was sceptical (see story here) about the chances of the beach ever materialising, but it must be said that the City Council has maintained faith in the project against all odds. In 2009 the architectural competition for the design of the Fez beach selected a project with 5 islets. representing the five continents. With 130,000 m2 of water surface and a kilometre long, the beach will also be equipped with a marina that can accommodate jet skis and small boats. Management will be entrusted to a private operator.

Located near the new tourist area of Oued Fes on 22 hectares of land, the artificial beach will cost an estimated 120 million dirhams. The project provides four zones including an amusement park and games that comply with US and European standards, an aquapark, a hotel, multipurpose rooms, fairs and exhibitions, a mall and small replicas of the seven wonders of the world. Obviously, the Eiffel Tower, that the mayor was previously forced to pull down, will finally stand proud in Fez. That should make a Chabat a happy-chappy.

There are concerns about the water usage of the project which at this stage will be drained from the city of Ain ​​Allah, located a few kilometres further west.

Meanwhile, the project is pending approval from the Interior Ministry.

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