Friday, August 14, 2015

Morocco Safer Than France ~ Aon Risk Assessment

The British multinational insurance brokerage company, Aon, last Thursday published its 2015 report titled ‘2015 Terrorism & Political Violence Risk Map’. It is credited by experts as being an accurate assessment
According to the report, the terrorist and political violence risk in Morocco is low. The Kingdom has improved its status as its risk index sank from moderate last year to low this year.

Aon, in its report published in the form of interactive map, ranked Morocco in the group of countries such as Canada, Spain, USA, South Africa, Australia, the United States, Norway, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

Given Morocco's stability it was interesting to note that the Kingdom is ranked better than France,whose risk index has risen from low to moderate this year.

According to Aon, France suffers from a very worrying instability, resulting from three classes of threats: 1. Increased terrorist threats in the country (Daech, Al Qaeda). 2. Threats from separatist groups like the National Liberation Front of Provence which detonated a bomb in March 2014. 3. A political risk in the form of large anti-government protests, because of the decline in the popularity of socialist left.

In the Maghreb, Morocco is by far the safest country. Tunisia had an average risk rating, which could deteriorate because of the recent bombings in the country. Algeria, meanwhile, remains at high risk of terrorist acts and political violence in the region.

In a synopsis of the report, AON says of Morocco:
The overall score has been lowered from medium to low, but the perils of terrorism and unrest remain the same. There has not been a terrorist attack in the country since 2011. Although the government has announced the arrest of more than a hundred suspected jihadists since 2013, this is more an indication of state vigilance than an indication of increased threat. King Mohamed VI continues to enjoy political legitimacy and a strong public mandate to rule mitigating the risk of coup or insurrection.
All of which is good news for Morocco, its people and the tourist industry.

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