Friday, February 19, 2016

Gérard Depardieu Films Foodie Footage in Fez

French actor Gerard Depardieu has just completed filming the last episode of the culinary series A Pleines Dents (Full Teeth), which will broadcast on the international Arte channel

Mounia, from Riad El Amine  Gérard Depardieu and Yassir Jawhar, Deputy Chairman of CRT 

"Morocco is a beautiful country, stable, secure and hospitable," Depardieu said. "We traveled in a spontaneous way through the streets of the medina, to discover the Fassi culinary arts and local products of this city of universal heritage of humanity. "

The episode filmed in Fez is the 19th in a series dedicated to the culinary arts of several countries, including Scotland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Denmark, France and Portugal. The fifty minute long Fez program will be broadcast in September.

At the end of there stay in Fez  the the Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council of Tourism (CRT), Yassir Jawhar, presented Depardieu with a copy of the 14th century book Table Delicacies and the Best Kinds of Food. (Les Délices De La Table Et Les Meilleurs Genres De Mets)

After a little research by The View From Fez we discovered that the book is a translation of the Arabic text "Fudalat al-Fi Khiwan Tayibat at-Taam" by the Andalusian writer (Murcia ) Ibn Razin did Tujibi, who lived in the thirteenth century. It is a book that was written between 1238 and 1266, probably for a Royal Andalusian courtyard; the text was discovered in manuscript form in Morocco (in Tetouan in the nineteenth century).

Thanks to Professor Mohamed Mezzine, Chairman of the Cultural Committee of the Fez-Sais Association, and Leila Benkirane, professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology Sais, this book was translated and published in modern form in 1984.

Gerard Depardieu, who knows more about wine than most  was accompanied on his visit by the well-known French chef, Laurent Audiot.

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