Friday, February 26, 2016

Morocco's Raw Deal With Netflix

When it comes to Netflix, not all countries are equal. According to research done by Exstreamist, vast disparities exist in the television and film streaming services offerings around the world, with Morocco at the very bottom of the heap

Morocco is the worst country in world for Netflix subscribers

Netflix in Morocco only offers 157 different TV shows and films compared to Netflix’s No. 1 country, the United States, which offers  5,750.

Considering Moroccan users pay $7.99 per month for Netflix’s basic service, the same amount American subscribers pay, Moroccans are definitely getting a worse deal.

Of course, this problem isn’t exactly Netflix’s fault. “Ridiculously complicated content ownership rights have made consistent distribution a logistical nightmare for Netflix, who would of course love to offer everyone around the world the same streaming library,” the report by Exstreamist said.

Although Morocco finishes dead last on the ranking, Iraq is the only country in the Arab world to even make it into the top 40, with 2,029 titles available. That’s still much less than half of the amount available in the United States.

Netflix may now be available in every country in the world – except for China, North Korea, Syria and Crimea due to U.S. government restrictions – but the service offered is definitely not created equal and as far as Morocco is concerned deserves a total thumbs-down.

In Fez, nobody seems particularly perturbed . As, Lahcen, a film-buff ,says,"Netflix? Why bother? You can download most things for free anyway."

Top 10 ranking for the Arab world
Iraq (2,029 titles)
Lebanon, Kuwait and Bahrain (1,768)
Yemen (1,767)
United Arab Emirates (1,764)
Qatar (1,647)
Libya (1,443)
Tunisia (1,408)
Oman (1,360)
Jordan (597)
Egypt (594)

You can view the full report along with the complete global ranking on Extstreamist’s website.

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1 comment:

simo azzouz said...

Hey Mate! Thanks for sharing the info. Maybe we should complain directly to Neftlix? (i) How comes Mauritania or Sudan got 3 times more
tittles than Morocco?! (ii) I doubt Netflix has encountered any strong content ownership rights in Morocco and even is this is the case, some original Netflix programs such as Orange is the new black, Better call Saul or House of Cards saison 3 are not available? Cheers!