Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fes Festival Preview - The Forum Sessions

From the 7th to the 9th of May the Forum sessions - Giving Soul to Globalisation - will be held each morning in Jnan Palace Hotel in the Ville Nouvelle

The Forum session were previously at the Batha Museum

The sessions are in two parts: the first day is organised by the Obs-Le Monde group and features a wide range of intellectuals, both men and women. They will consider the general theme of the Festival, Women Founders.

The two following days are presented by philosopher Yves Michaud and Mohamed Metalsi, of the Human Sciences faculty of the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes. They will pay tribute to Fatima Mernissi, a sociologist and native of Fes, who died recently.


With 700 million inhabitants across 43 Muslim states, the Islamic world represents more than one fifth of the planet’s population. This is an enormous figure and within the community the future is being written, provided that they take their destiny in hand and dare to take on the challenges that await: education, launching scientific research and rethinking development models that are so often based on the West. None of these changes can be made without women!

After the Prophet’s death, many of His companions consulted Aïcha, one of the great judges of her time and recognised by the eminent sages of Islam. In today’s Muslim universities, women play a pivotal role both in technical education and the religious sciences.

Thanks to them, Morocco undertook in 2004 to reform the Moudawana, or Family Code, that now gives the same rights to men and women regarding marriage and children. We must go still further. The rights of freedom of expression, of innovation and creation, the right to difference and to the dissemination of ideas: all concepts under construction that can take giant leaps with the participation of women.


While women have not particularly interested historians over time, we are fascinated by their individual stories. To go down in history, women have had to overcome great obstacles.
The legendary heroines of history are diverse and of haunting beauty: it is they and the subjects of family and freedom, reproductive rights, women in religions, the feminine imagination, access to education and power and feminism – that will be topics of discussion over two days at the Festival, which has as its theme in 2016 Women Founders.

A series of eight debates will focus on viewpoints without imposing any one vision, but being conscious of the diversity of usage, approach and conception. As would be expected, a special place will be given in each debate to women – for once without excessive respect for ‘parity’ - but emphasising the diversity of experience, discipline and practice. Historians, philosophers, theologians, authors, sociologists and psychoanalysts will present their knowledge and experience.

The Forum sessions begin at 9am. Translation headphones are available with ID

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