Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fes Festival Preview - Free Boujloud and Sufi Nights Program

During the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music there are free concerts in the Boujloud Square starting each evening at 10pm.  The Sufi Nights at Dar Tazi at 11pm are also free
Tariqa Boutchichiya
Saturday 7th
Boujloud Square: 22.00 free of charge
Regional Choir of Fes | Mohammed Soussi

Dar Tazi Sufi Nights 23h00: Touatiya Tariqa: Dar Dmana hal touat

Sunday 8th
Boujloud Square: 22h00 free of charge
Mourad Bouriki | Lamia Zaidi

Dar Tazi Sufi Nights 23h00: Harrakiya Tariqa from Safi

Monday 9th
Boujloud Square: 22.00
Batoul Marouani: Hassani Song | H-Kayne

Dar Tazi Sufi Nights 23h00: Chadilia Tariqa from Tangier

Tuesday 10th
Boujloud Square: 22.00
Participation of the French Institute in Fes: Buddha Bar | Omar Boutmazoukt: Amazigh Song

Dar Tazi Sufi Nights 23h00: Assaouia Tariqa

Wednesday 11th
Boujloud Square: 22h00
In association with the Pakistan Embassy: Najat Aatabou

Dar Tazi Sufi Nights 23h00: Machichiya Tariqa: Al Houda Ensemble from Tangier

Najat Aatabou

Thursday 12th
Boujloud Square: 22h00
Mahmoud Al Idrissi | Khalid Ali Orchestra

Dar Tazi Sufi Nights 23h00: Bouchichiya Tariqa

Friday 13th
Boujloud Square: 22h00
Diego Cortès / Reda Taliyani

Dar Tazi Sufi Nights 23h00: Derqaouia Tariqa: Abdemjid Sweri from Essaouira

Saturday 14th
Boujloud Square: 22h00
Ba-jloud: music of the Jabali tradition | Aminux

Dar Tazi Sufi Nights 23h00: Hamdouchiya Tariqa (Fez Hamadcha) 

Festival highlight - The Fez Hamadcha will perform at the final Sufi Night

Sufi Nights and Boujloud Square events are free

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Thanks to Helen Ranger for translations

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