Thursday, May 26, 2016

French Airline Strikes Will Have Impact on Moroccan Tourism

While Morocco's tourism revenues were up 6.6% in first quarter 2016 reaching around $1 billion, there could be a negative impact from French airline strikes. Ryanair has announced the cancellation of more than 70 flights today (May 26). Other airlines will also cancel many flights

Further strikes are planned for June 3, 4 and 5, which will result in thousands of flights being disrupted across Europe - including services to and from Spain and Italy with a flow on impact on Morocco.

This is the sixth set of French ATC strikes in two months, and the 47th since 2009, according to Ryanair, which has called on the EU to take action.

"As we approach the peak holiday season, European travellers should prepare for a summer of discontent as there is absolutely nothing preventing these selfish unions from staging even more strikes in the coming weeks and months," said Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair's Chief Marketing Officer.

Members of air-traffic control unions are unhappy about proposed changes to working arrangements and retirement conditions, and what they call “The inability of our government to develop a human resources management policy”. They also claim their salaries are “significantly lower than those of their counterparts in other major providers”.

According to Riad owners in Fez, there have already been some cancellations and there are expected to be "a lot of people simply not arriving".


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