Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Medieval Rhapsody - a Free Concert in Fez

Abdou and Youness first met at a jam session of the ALC-ALIF Music Club in Rabat with two of the biggest jazz legends in the world, Herbie Hancock and Dee Dee Bridgewater on May 5th, 2015. After that they become friends, and in December they met for a jam session again, but this time only the two of them. Abdou was playing percussive Fingerstyle guitar and Youness his oud, adding an Arabic touch to Occidental music, mixing the soft sound of the oud and the edgy pluck of the guitar. They created a new style of music with a Medieval feel and a Jazz spirit, and this is how Medieval Rhapsody was born.

Medieval Rhapsody performs arrangements and medleys of film soundtracks, as well as Classical Arabic and Celtic music, jazz, folk, Japanese and sometimes Pop music, always adapting the piece for Guitar and Oud.

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