Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ramadan 1437 to Benefit 2.4 Million Moroccans

Back on June 7th, King Mohammed VI launched Morocco's food support operation “Ramadan 1437″. Organised by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, the operation will benefit nearly 2.4 million people in 473,900 households, 403,000 of whom live in rural areas, throughout the country
King Mohammed VI launches Ramadan 1437

Initiated with the support of the Ministries of Interior and of the Endowments and Islamic Affairs, this 17th edition of the programme provides aid to the most vulnerable social categories, including widows, the elderly and those with special needs.

The “Ramadan 1437″ operation, which is worth 56 million dirhams, is a massive undertaking which takes some time to complete. This week it moved to the province of Nador where food distribution benefited 7,900 needy families.

The Nador operation, was launched by the provincial governor Al Mostafa El Attar, who was accompanied by civilian and military officials. The distribution took the form of lined baskets containing 10 kg of flour, 4 kg of sugar, 5 litres of cooking oil and 250 grams of tea. The overall volume of assistance devoted to Nador province was 79 tons of flour, 31.6 tons of sugar, 39,500 litres of cooking oil, and 1975 kg of tea, for a total cost of 1.5 million dirhams.


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