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International Festival of Amazigh Culture - Final Programme

International FESTIVAL OF Amazigh CULTURE
12th Edition
Fez, From 15th to 17th July 2016   

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                         The Programme  of the  Forum and Festival  

Friday, July 15th
17: 00: Registration
17: 30 : Opening of the Forum and Festival
10: 00: Tribute to the honorable researchers Dr. Bahija Simou (Director of the Royal Archives, and  Professor Jilali Saib (Mohamed V University at Rabat)
18: 30: Keynote Speech: “Multiculturalism, Multilingualism and Democracy in Morocco”
Abdallah Saaf (Ex-Minister of National Education)
18: 50: Reception and Expositions Tour
Musical evening                                                                         
    21 :30 – 23:30  Place Bab Makina
Saturday, July 16th

9:00 – 12:00
Room 2
Parallel Session: WRITING WORKSHOP
Led by Jean-Marie Simon (Stories Igniter and writer, France)

9: 00 - 9: 30
Room 1

Keynote Speech: “The Art of Co-existence: Motivation and Obstacles”
              Ahmed Assid (President of the Amazigh Observatory for Human Rights and Liberties, Rabat)
9:30 – 10:50
First session: Amazigh, Mediterranean Civilization and Living Together
Moderator: Fatima Sadiqi
-Zaki Abu Al-Halawa (Journalist Alqods, Palestine)
-Alberto Tonini (University of Florence)
-Dadoua Hadriya-Nebia (teacher-researcher, CRASC, Oran, Algeria)
-Moha Ennaji (International Institute of Languages and Cultures, Fez)
10: 50 - 11: 20 Debate
11:20 – 11:50
Keynote Speech: Diversity and Conflict in the Mediterranean Region
                  Barbara & Saad Eddin Ibrahim (American University in Cairo, Egypt)
Moderator: Moha Ennaji
11:50 - 12:05 coffee break

Room 1
12:05 – 13:05
 Second session: Multiculturalism, Multilingualism and Education
Moderator: El Houssain Elmoujahid
-Meryam Demnati (Amazigh Observatory for Human Rights and Freedoms, Rabat)
-Keith Martin (Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Morocco in the United States)
-Issa Aït Belize (Moroccan-Belgian Writer, Brussels)
13:05 - 13: 35 Debate
13:35 - 14:00 Tribute to three emblematic media figures in the Fès-Meknès Region:
Mohamed Bouhlal, Kaddour Fettoumi and Mustapha Zahiri
15:30 - 16:50
Room 1
Third session: Literature, Migration and Artistic Creation
Moderator: Ahmed Assid
-Alfonso de Toro (University of Leipzig, Germany)
-Juliane Tauchnitz (University of Leipzig, Germany)
-Mohamed Nedali (Moroccan Writer)
-Enza Palamara (Professor at the University of Paris, France)
16:50 – 17:20 Debate
17:20 – 17:35 Coffee break
17:35 – 19:35

Room 2
Parallel Session: Painting Workshop
Led by Khadija Madani Alaoui (University of Fez)

Room 1
Fourth Session: Amazigh, Islam, and Living Together
Moderator: Alfonso de Toro
-Anna Maria Di Tolla (Oriental University in Naples, Italy)
-Abdelkader Ben Hammadi (University of Oran II, Algeria)
-Maati kabbal (Arab World Institute, Paris)
18:35 - 19: 05 Debate
19: 05 - 20: 15 Film projection: Ornaments of  The Art and The Sacred
Led by: Jean-Claude Cintas (France)

Musical evening
21 :30 – 23:30 : Place Bab Makina
-NAJAT RAJOUI  (Morocco)
- BADR SULTAN (Morocco)
Sunday, July 17th
9:00 - 11:00
Room 2
Parallel Session: TALES WORKSHOP
Led by Khadija Hassala (Professor at the University of Fez)

Room 1
9:00- 10:00
Fifth session: Fight against Violence and Conflict Resolution
Moderator: Keith Martin
-Mohamed Taifi (University of Virginia, USA)
-Giovanna Gianturco (Università La Sapienza di Roma, Italy)
-Fatima Sadiqi (International Institute for Languages and Cultures, Fez)
10: 00 - 10:30 Debate
10: 30 - 11:00
Keynote Speech: The Impact of the Syrian Revolution on the Mediterranean Region
Sherifa Zuhur (University of California at Berkley, USA)
Moderator: Saad Eddin Ibrahim
11:00 – 11:15 Coffee break
11:15 – 12:35
Sixth Session: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in the Maghreb
                                                               Moderator: Moha Souag
-Bououd Ahmed (University Hassan, Casablanca)
-Belkacem Boumedini (University of Mustapha STAMBOULI. Mascara, Algeria)
-Khadija Arfaoui (Academic, Tunisia)
-Jean-Marie Simon (stories Igniter and writer, France)

12:35 - 13: 05 Debate
13:05 – 13:35 Reading Poetry: Poets: Saida Khiari, Moha Ziadi, Saida El Kabir, Bassou Oujebbour
                                                  Moderator: Mohamed Moubtassime
13:35 Recommendations and Closing

17:00 - 20: 00 Guided Tour of the Medina (optional)
Musical evening
21:30 – 23:30: Place Bab Makina
 -SALH ELBACHA (Morocco)

Organizers:  Fès-Saiss Association, South North Center, and  Spirit of Fès Foundation

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