Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fez to Bordeaux Direct Flights Announced

The airline company Air Arabia announced on Friday the launch of a new connection, Fès-Bordeaux. This long-awaited route will begin service from December 03, 2016

This is Air Arabia's fourth destination offered from the airport of Fez. The flight will be operated by Airbus A320 aircraft and available twice a week on Monday and Saturday.

Confirming its commitment to provide enhanced connectivity between Morocco and Europe, Air Arabia Morocco this year launched the first direct flights from Toulouse to Fez and pointed out that these new services reflect the continued support that the company provides for the development of tourism in Morocco.

It is hoped the new Bordeaux service will assist in promoting Moroccan tourism which has been quiet since attacks in France, Germany and Turkey.

The fares are expected to be reasonable and today bookings were available at only 148 Euros return.

In other parts of the country the tourist numbers are showing improvement.

Agadir rebounded in July, registering an increase of 26 pc in terms of tourist arrivals, with a total of 104,814 tourists visiting in against 83,308 in July 2015.

Agadir tourism improves

These figures reflect increases in some major source markets. The German market increased by 38 pc, from 4 179 in July 2015 reached 5,800 arrivals in July, 2016.

The big increase is in the Russian market, with a jump of 468 per cent, from 1,105 in July 2015 to 5,180 arrivals in July, 2016.

The Russians continue to be fascinated by Morocco, with Russian visitors to The View From Fez reaching over 11,000 in the last month alone. This figure puts them ahead of the USA (10,000 visits). French visitors continue to drop and are now around 3,000 per month.


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