Saturday, September 24, 2016

One of the Famous Arches of Legzira - is Gone

The Arch of Legzira has for years been a Moroccan national tourist emblem, but no more. It has fallen - reduced to rubble

Described as "one of the world's top beaches" Legzira beach near Sidi Ifni was most famous for its natural arches carved by centuries of tidal flows. The eight kilometres of beach was a popular destination for locals and tourists interested in a variety of water sports. The arches were particularly photogenic and attracted photographers from around the world.

The largest and most spectacular had been showing signs of stress that were first noticed back in March when local residents noticed cracks on each of its sides. From then on it was only a matter of time before nature took its toll.

Back in 2014 the Huffington Post cataloged the best beaches in the world and of the 40 listed Legzira was in 29th spot. The beach, located about ten kilometres from Sidi Ifni, is described as a "site where winds and waves have sculpted arches and tunnels in the red cliffs, making the coast a paradise for surfers in search of adventure."

Suddenly, that has sadly all changed.


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