Monday, October 17, 2016

Appeal For Moulay Idriss Flood Victims

This week the town of Moulay Idriss experienced flash floods in which at least 2 teenagers lives were lost and many homes damaged. The View From Fez is joining Rose Button in raising funds to assist families whose homes were damaged

Rose has met with 7 families whose homes were very badly damaged and who have lost nearly everything.

The immediate need is for blankets and replacement of basic food supplies like oil, tea, coffee, flour, milk and sugar.

There are 3 homes which need work to fix walls damaged by the flash flood, improve drainage and to support an elderly couple to clear there room of mud caked on walls, the floor and even the ceiling.

One home is that of a single mum with 4 children who have lost everything- so we will also replace the white goods and arrange for a plumber and electrician to ensure the appliances are safe.

These families do not have spare money - in total 30 adults and children will be supported. These families are delighted and relieved to have our support.

We will also provide a donation to the families that lost their children in the flash flood. We are looking to raise €500-1000 and even a small €10 donation will make a difference to the community.

Please assist by making a donation via PayPal ( It can be in any currency.


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