Saturday, October 01, 2016

Aziz Kibari - A Popular Moroccan Artist

There are many young Moroccan visual artists striving to make a living in a very competitive sector. One  of them who has shown that hard work, talent and dedication can turn a dream into reality is Aziz Kibari. Born in Beni Mellal in 1973, he has lived and worked in Marrakech since 2003

Aziz is part of an extraordinary family of artists. Habib is a painter, Abdelhadi, a sculptor and a sister who makes paintings carpets and a brother who is a sculptor using the beautiful Thuya wood from Essaouira.

Aziz has worked over the years to improve and expand his techniques and media using gouache and acrylic on paper with warm colours, natural.

Some of his work is also featured on things as varied as shoulder bags and t-shirts

Aziz Kibari instantly detects the artistic potential of beldi characters straight out of the imagination of the artist, inspired by his youth on his parent's farm.

"Through my paintings, I try to recover a lost world in all its simplicity with an attachment to the land and nature's inspiration." - Aziz Kibari

Aziz Kibari, who has a BA in English literature, started painting at a young age (at the secondary school). At the university,started exhibiting and selling his first paintings to his teachers and making portraits for his classmates and friends.

In 2007 Aziz spent time at the Cite des Arts in Paris meeting artist s from different countries. He then returned to Marrakesh,and started working, painting,exhibiting. He has been exhibiting at Design and Co Art Gallery since 2009.

A donkey walk
A trip in nature

Aziz kibari
Art Studio Charaf Marrakesh
Mob +212 660 636 484


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