Monday, October 24, 2016

The Grand Theatre in Rabat to Open in 2018

The building of the Rabat Grand Theatre is a challenging project characterised by a modern design, its futuristic architecture involving complex cutting-edge engineering challenges

The futuristic design presents many complex engineering challenges

While the projected opening in 2018 is good news for culture lovers, the work still has some way to go.

According to reports this week the construction site shows a satisfactory rate of progress that has made it possible for Nada El Kasmi, deputy general manager of the project to feel confident about the 2018 opening date.

The budget of 1.452 million Dirhams includes the design, construction and equipment for the project. Ongoing work on the site are the structural works, civil engineering, steel structure and technical lots," says Nada El Kasmi, "In terms of progress, deep foundations, slabs and elevations of the basement and ground floor are completed. 70% of the "back of house" construction is complete." Ms El Kasmi added that "Time lines are central to our daily concerns given the technical complexity of implementation".

Rabat's Grand Theatre is the work of a brilliant Anglo-Iraqi architect, the late Zaha Hadid.

The auditorium  hopes to provide superb acoustics and sight-lines

"The futuristic  design  is intended to complement the wealth of monuments in the city of Rabat and its position as a cultural and tourist centre of the region, " said Ms. El Kasmi. "Moreover, from a technical point of view, it is the high quality equipment which will give the auditorium its superb acoustics and sight-lines.

It is intended the new theatre will accommodate a large variety of performances such as operas, symphony concerts and provide Rabat with a place on the national and international cultural scene.


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