Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Abderrahim El Hassani Exhibition to Open in Fez

The exhibition  by Abderrahim is titled FES GRANADA TOUTE UNE MAGIE and will open on November 3rd at 7pm at the Cervantes Institute Gallery, 5 rue Abu Tayeb al Moutanabbi. The exhibition will run until November 17th

Abderrahim El Hassani 

Abderrahim El Hassani has a reputation for pushing the boundaries beyond simply exhibiting. A notable example was a performance where he combined painting and contemporary dance in a performance at the Batha Museum in Fez. His "speed paintings", done with a musical accompaniment are exciting to watch and have been the highlight of various events in recent years.

The artist was born and raised in the Medina of Fes and paints still life, landscapes and people who are quintessentially Fassi. Abderrahim has always been creative, but didn’t start painting in earnest until around a decade ago.

Speed painting and contemporary dance


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