Thursday, November 10, 2016

Moroccan Ingenuity - The World's First Electric Pickup

In just nine months and in time for the COP22 Summit in Marrakech, Morocco's National Transportation and Logistic Company (SNTL) has produced the world’s first electric pickup truck. The 100% electric vehicle is a 100% Moroccan, both in terms of concept and assembly

The prototype has been adapted for the Moroccan market in that does not require the creation of electric charging stations for a recharge. The pickup can be recharged in less than 7 hours at home using a 220V power outlet, or in as little as an hour if a supercharger is used.

The vehicle’s rechargeable batteries are placed in a balanced manner on the chassis allowing more stability and a range on a single charge of 180 to 200km. The designers of the vehicle claim that it is perfectly suited for urban journeys. On the highway it can reach 129km/h. Though small, the carrying capacity is impressive, with the rear bed able to carry a load of up to 800kg.

The most spectacular innovation is that the users of the electric pickup truck can upgrade their vehicles without having to purchase a new one. The modular design allows the owner to integrate a new version of a component on an earlier version of the vehicle, without it hindering any of its normal functions.

The electric pickup's features, such as temperature control, can be remotely controlled by the driver using a computer tablet.

Although designed, manufactured and assembled in Morocco, the electric pickup is intended to be primarily sold in the European market.


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