Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Moroccan Music to Celebrate New Year's Eve

See in the New Year with a packed program of traditional Moroccan music, offering a festive and fun night in Fez

Doors open at 7.30 pm on December 31st. From 8 pm there will be dinner and live musical performances, and later in the evening, dance to music of DJ Syno and countdown to the New Year. 

This event is presented by Renaisance 9 (R9) and Restaurant Palais Al Firdaous. Proceeds will be used for the R9 music project which organises community activities and events focused on local music and culture.

Plans for future events include Flamenco, Andaloussi and other styles of world music. This year traditional Moroccan music will be the theme. The musical styles on this NYE program are derived from Moroccan life. With deep spiritual roots, this music has evolved for popular appeal.

Jilaliat is an ecstatic music which can be traced to the spiritual music known as Jilala. As therapeutic music, it served to heal through wild dance and trance during all night rituals. It was also used for wedding celebrations and played at the henna party and even inside the hammam. Traditionally, the groups consisted mainly of women, since men were not present at female parties.

Issawa comes from a religious and mystical brotherhood founded in Meknes, Morocco. Similar to Sufi practices, it is a music for the spiritual experience of rejoicing. Fassis are known for this style and it has become popular as dance music.

Gnawa is a well known and recognised Moroccan music. Originally from West Africa, this style also has origins in healing rituals. It now has an international following and has attracted a number of well known Western musicians. Listeners will want to join in with the clapping and movements inspired by the sounds of cymbals and the gimbri, a rustic guitar-like instrument.

If you have not yet experienced these kinds of Moroccan music, your visit or stay in Morocco would not be complete.

Join in a Moroccan New Year's Eve celebration!

From 7.30 pm, December 31st at 24 Bab Guissa, Fez. 
For tickets, call 06 53 55 43 24 (English, Spanish) or 05 35 63 578 9 (French, Arabic). 


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curtis03 Lewis said...

Music makes everything great. Holiday season is my favorite time of the year and I go to so many venues in NYC. It’s a festive time and naturally there are lots of parties all around and who hates a party.