Monday, June 18, 2018

Changes to Expat Visas In Morocco

It appears that the days of doing a "visa run" every three months in order to remain in Morocco may well be over. The regulations now state, quite clearly, that in any twelve month period a visa is only good for a total of six months 

Foreigner visiting Morocco means persons of foreign nationality having their habitual residence abroad and whose length of stay in Morocco does not exceed six (06) months in a period of twelve (12) years. ) months. Moroccan Government website

In the past it was possible to exit Morocco at the end of a three month visa and then return to Morocco and receive a new three month visa. The most popular "visa run" destinations were Spain or the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

Recently stories have circulated on social media of expats making a visa run and being refused entry back into the country as they have spent more than six months in Morocco.

Arriving in Morocco
Upon arrival at the airport you should receive a stamp in your passport. Make sure that you acquire this stamp as there have been reported situations where a stamp was not placed on a traveler’s passport and consequently, it made it difficult to leave Morocco without proof of entry.
Extended Stay or Permanent Relocation to Morocco
If you are already in Morocco and want to permanently relocate, or you are an exchange student, you must go to the local Moroccan police station in the district you reside. There you can contact the Bureau des Etrangers, an immigration authority, and apply for a residency permit. Applying for an extended visa can be a timely process so what some travellers do is take a trip outside of Morocco for one or two days before their three months are up. However, be aware that in a few cases people tried this and were denied re-entry until they contacted the nearest Moroccan embassy to re-apply.



Unknown said...

Where does it state this change in law? I cannot find confirmation on any government web site.

Sandy McCutcheon said...

See the link in our story:

Unknown said...

As a Dutch Citizen first time in Morroco going to Maried there where can i arrange my Visa in my Country or as Tourist i cN entdr and arrange it there?