Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Leilat Sabawachrine - the "night of the 27th"

Leilat Sabawachrine is a night especially for children - a time when they dress in their finest clothes. For children this is the most exciting time during Ramadan. The View From Fez photographer, Lauren Crabbe, took to the streets earlier in the day to check out some of the fabulous outfits

Handbags and a tiara seem essential
Young girl with ornate belt
Stylish handbag and henna on her hands
A princess for a day!
You can never have too many accessories! 
Mother and daughter - colour coordinated
Getting advice on the perfect tiara

Photo credit: Lauren Crabbe

Lauren is an Australian photo-journalist who is joining The View From Fez team to cover the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music


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