Saturday, June 09, 2018

Through the Peacock Gate - Review

"I am wrapping up my read of Sandy McCutcheon's - Through the Peacock Gate and I am so touched by the depth, the insight, the layers, the textures, the visceral, the intellect, the metaphysical and for the metaphor of the gate and metamorphosis. It so true to my experience of my Morocco and it joins the pantheon of great writers and their books in my ever growing library of Moroccan stories." - John Horniblow

About John Horniblow
John Horniblow is a photographer, writer and filmmaker who recently moved to Beijing after living for 4 years in Morocco. John's photography has been published with Time publications, Geo Mundo, National Geographic, Penguin books and many other periodicals. He commenced his photographic documentary career as media and documentation officer on Expedition to Circumnavigate South America including voyaging to Antarctica. He has worked on assignment for National Geographic with leading wildlife photographer Franz Lanting , and CNN and produced documentary stories on a range of subjects.

He is also the Founder, Editor in Chief and publisher of the online photo documentary magazine Photojournale. In 2010 he published Photojournale’s first book anthology “Photojournale – Connections Across a Human Planet “, a virtual, web 2.0 global publishing collaboration with Photojournale’s global community of photographers. John trained as a cinematographer and has shot, directed and produced award winning short, television documentary and industrial films working with broadcasters such as BBC, SBS, and ABC. His documentary and drama work has also been screened at International film festivals and on network television.


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