Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Today's Big Question About Major Festivals

The View From Fez would like to hear from our readers on the subject of festival scheduling in Morocco

Why is it that the Essaouira Gnaoua Festival is on at the same time as the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music and Mawazine from 22-30 June? Many of our readers say they are torn between the three.

Many at the Gnaoua Festival would like to go on to Fez

Would it not be sensible to have one Festival follow the other, with maybe a one or two day break in between? This would enable patrons to travel between Fez, Rabat and Essaouira - and spend more time in Morocco.

Many at the Fes Festival would like to go on to Essaouira

The Gnaoua Festival starts on June 21st, the Fes Festival on June 22nd and Mawazine on June 22nd making it impossible to attend them all. Better scheduling would make good economic sense and would also allow for some artists to perform at more than one festival. It is worth thinking about



Siobhan said...

Totally agree. Ive always thought it was such a shame.

Transcordancias Músicas arraigadas said...

I totally agree with you. Is ridiculous to have the same dates for the 3 most important music festivals in Morocco. Not only for tourists or foreigners, who would like to enjoy different concerts in different places without needing to choose between high level artists in two or three cities at the same time, but also for local music lovers, to have a big event in their own cities avoid them to discover other great artists as is cheaper to stay at home. And, for those who cannot pay the ticket, the mighty Mawazine Festival is making impossible to see the beauty of the opening concerts of Fez live, as the fist national TV prefers always the Rabat 's festival to the one in Fez.

Sandy McCutcheon said...

It is strange there is no communication between the various festivals. This would not be difficult to fix. If they worked together they could offer a month of great music in various places. Good for tourism, good for us locals!