Wednesday, July 04, 2018

The Next Great Moroccan Festival - Not to be Missed!

The Fes Festival of Sufi Culture runs from the 20th to the 27th of October and aims to make Moroccans discover or rediscover a culture that is theirs and offer them access to this artistic, intellectual and spiritual wealth

The Festival is famous for its aim of creating internationally a positive image of Islam, thanks to the universal language of openness and peace that advocates the spiritual voice that inhabits it: Sufism.

This event consolidates Morocco's position in intercultural dialogue by forging a bridge between East and West.

The Festival will question the role of Sufism in today's world, how to link spirituality to business, environment, social action? How can spirituality and Sufism become actors of human development?

The Festival has wonderful music - Marouane Hajji in 2017

It aims to make known the artistic wealth that Sufism inspired with painting, calligraphy, songs, music, films, books and exhibitions.

The Festival also offers a platform of expression to artists, (Moroccans and international guests) who have engaged in a spiritual process in order to enrich artistic and intellectual creativity, to explore new arts and cultural and social projects that work for intercultural dialogue, human and civilisational development.

"The cultural, artistic, and spiritual heritage of Sufism is rich and deep, rooted in centuries of history, and is the living, and constantly renewed, fabric of the civilisation of Islam" - Faouzi Skali , President of the Festival.
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Hi Susanna! I'm a student from America currently studying Arabic at the Arabic Language Institute in Fez. I'm with a group of students from the University of Florida and part of our culture class requirements was to read your book A House in Fez! We absolutely loved it and it made our transition much easier knowing a little more what to expect. We're only here for a couple more weeks and was wondering if maybe we could get together? Feel free to contact me at this email. Thank you!