Sunday, August 05, 2018

Shock Closure of Tangier's Famous Cafe Hafa

The famous Café Hafa, an iconic place in the city Tangier, has been closed since Saturday morning. The  reason given is that it is undergoing an "operation of destruction" of a terrace built,"without license", by its owner

Cafe Hafa - a work by Australian artist Bryan Dawe

Yesterday, local media Tanja 24 reported the information, saying the local authorities in the city  proceeded to the destruction of pillars and a concrete slab mounted without a building permit. "Under the supervision of the director of the urban commune of Tangier and the boss of the Second Administrative District, the authorities proceeded to the demolition of the construction and prevented the customers from going to the cafe," the media continues.

The weekend destruction 

The destruction by the local authorities has been denounced the public and by Abderrahman El Akel, owner of the café. In a statement to Hespress, he says the intervention "has been marked by several dysfunctions". He says that he did not receive a notice of demolition when his request to the competent authorities for the granting of a building permit was not returned.

Café Hafa is considered a heritage site in the city of Tangier. Built in 1921, it is visited daily by Moroccan tourists and foreigners, who come to enjoy a mint tea and a panoramic view of the Mediterranean.


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