Saturday, October 06, 2018

Serendipity is Open All This Month

The exhibition by Jess Stephens continues this month. It is open every afternoon.

Photo credit: Suzanna Clarke

Jess Stephens - in her own words

I am strongly captivated to a creative endeavour of blind adventures and unexpected encounters. The abstract paintings and digital photography pieces in the exhibition, titled Serendipity’ have been executed without any intention of their destination. Each mark reacting to the next, to the next and so the journey unfolds. What could be perceived as accident and coincidence I value as serendipitous encounters and golden twists of fate; given that when in the process of creativity I am inspired; that is to say ‘in spirit’.

In my practice as a visual artist, I am drawn to constellations that emanate a vigour both harmonious and kinetic. The subject, principally the materiality of the work and it relations with itself, be that between one mark and another or one colour with another, play on surfaces, materials and rapport. All-be-it abstract expressionism is a big influence on my creative expression a playful use of material is in use I have seemingly wondered off from a classic painter’s palette. Bundles of knotted thread become scribbled marks, lengths of cloth strips, tape act as paint gestures and teapots, charcoal smudges. The work, in all mediums, has a lively approach, in the coalition of materials such as inadvertent photography, use of cloth, thread and packaging tapes.

I am in search of a truth of painting as a transcendent act and experience; a physical and spiritual act of self-expression through gesture, movement and material. Colour and surface making, rather than an idea that words can cast and the responsibility on the artist not to undermine arts natural subjectivity with the assimilation the western, art world seeks. Faith and trust are important elements to the process. Faith in one’s decisions to make, retain or eliminate marks. Trust in a universal awareness that guides me along the way.

Seen as much in the sculptures as in the two-dimensional pieces, mid-20th century abstract expressionism is a big influence on my creative expression. Through a playful use of material It is about the material and the act of creation unbound to subject matter and story telling that enact my internal and external landscapes.

Culture Vultures, ALIF and ALC present Serendipity by Jess Stephens
Open daily 5-7.30
Runs until the 29th of October
06 45 22 32 03 to be hosted by the artist


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