Monday, October 08, 2018

Street Art in Oujda

An exhibition of giant mural frescoes called "kharbachat"was inaugurated in Oujda last Friday. The works is the initiative of an association for culture and development, the Collective Tzouri. "Tzouri" is an expression in the Amazigh language which means "beauty"

Carried out in the heart of the old medina, these works include a portrait of an elderly man and paintings depicting large bird wings, the aim being to preserve the intangible heritage and bring people closer to contemporary art. and modern.
"By working in consultation with the locals, we took the initiative to beautify alleys of the old medina through canvases inspired by local traditions and culture," Mohamed Momo, president of Collectif Tzouri. 
Street art allows young people to unleash their creativity and give life and color to the walls, Mohamed Momo said, noting that the association has already undertaken similar initiatives on the painting of pedestrian crossings in the city centre of Oujda, which have become a true work of art, with the aim of raising the awareness of pedestrians and motorists alike about road safety.

The result of a collaboration with the Moulay Slimane Foundation of Oujda, this exhibition shows a multitude of paintings in shimmering colours allowing people to enjoy the beauty and the expressive dimension of the murals. Created in 2016 the Collectif Tzouri is interested in music, audio-visual and visual arts.


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