Monday, November 26, 2018

Vegan Festival in Fez

Vegans from around the world have been invited to VegFest - a festival in the heart of the old Medina of Fez, on Sunday, December 2

An international festival dedicated to the vegan lifestyle is an event organized within the cultural centre, the Medina Social Club that hopes to bring together several activists and actors from the sector from Morocco but also from the United States, Europe and North Africa.

This will be the first VegFest organized in North Africa and second in Africa, the annual event, which promotes a healthy, animal-free and plant-based lifestyle, aims to combat the prejudices related to this way of life and expand the community Vegan in Morocco.

Several activities are on the program, including yoga sessions, vegan cooking classes, round tables and debates, tastings of dishes and vegan drinks. The menu also includes a booth and exhibition area and product sales as well as music concerts and artist performances.

The round tables should be interesting and there should be much to debate, especially in light of recent research that shows that people who avoided eating any meat or fish are less healthy and have a higher risk of some illnesses. Another research group looking at student diets reported lower self-esteem, lower psychological adjustment, less “meaning” in life and more negative moods in vegans than those students in the study who ate meat or fish.

“Vegetarians also reported more negative social experiences than omnivores and semi-vegetarians,” they noted. “Although women were more likely than men to identify as vegetarians and semi-vegetarians, controlling for participant gender did not change the results of the analyses.”

The authors concluded that, “The differences we found are consistent with other research that suggests that vegetarians are less psychologically well-adjusted than non-vegetarians.” Titled, “Relationships between vegetarian dietary habits and daily well-being,” the study’s authors, who are research psychologists at UCLA and the College of William and Mary, found that vegetarians are generally “more miserable than meat-eaters, have lower self-esteem and may be less psychologically well-adjusted.”

Entry to the Festival at the Medina Social Club is 80 Dirhams.


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