Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Damon Arabsolgar in Concert: in Fez

Damon Arabsolgar in Concert: Piano and Voice. Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 7 PM. ALIF Riad, 6 Derb Drissi, Batha, Fez Medina

Born from a Persian father and a German-Italian mother, Damon Arabsolgar plays with the extremes of East and West.

After having toured Italy, Europe, Morocco, the Balkans and Russia he is currently touring throughout Europe and Morocco with his solo act with just a piano and a microphone on stage for a very intimate and raw concert.

His songwriting floats in between life in mid-ocean ridges and surreal stories he encountered during his travels, while the singing follows the extreme dynamics of the music and passes from catchy falsetto to an intimate and baritone with his characteristically unplaceable accent that reveals a melting pot: some new, as-yet undiscovered territory.

This concert, organized by the ALC-ALIF Music Club, is free and open to the general public.


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