Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Fibre Optic brings speed to the Internet in the Fez Medina

Fibre Optic is now available in the Fez Medina! The View From Fez checks it out...

Fibre Optic rocks! Download speeds between 80 and 136 MBS

A few years ago the arrival of ADSL internet in the Medina was seen as something of a miracle. Now Maroc Telecom are offering hi-speed fibre optic. What is equally impressive is the speed with which the installation took place. Five days after requesting connection the technicians arrived and brought the cable up to the house and into the office.

The following day, another technician installed and tested the new modem and had it up and running in under an hour and the speeds were not too shabby.

Being used to stories of network roll-out problems with the NBN in Australia, we think Australia could learn a thing or two.


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