Sunday, February 03, 2019

Closure of Cinema Batha Causes Concern and Confusion

According to local businesses, the old cinema at Batha is scheduled to close down on Monday. According to numerous people, the complex has been bought and is going to be redeveloped. The question on everybody's lips is - redeveloped as what?
Cinema Cafe has an uncertain future

Several locals say they think it will reopen in about six months as a cinema. Others are not so sure. "We have no idea what has been proposed", says a local shopkeeper. "The building was owned by the government who have given us no information. But we are worried about the businesses attached to the complex.

This is a legitimate concern as the closure of the complex will mean the end of the very popular Cinema Cafe and the annex to Thami's Restaurant which has just been redecorated.

Thami's annex to close on Monday?

According to the staff at the Cinema Cafe, they have no alternative space available and have had no assistance from the new owner of the old complex.

The View From Fez would like to hear from anyone who has more information.


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