Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Fez pays 400 million DH to build 8 "smart" car parks

With funds of 400 million DH, the car park program of the medina envisages the development of 8 car parks, the rehabilitation of the public spaces and the installation of an information devices. 

This project is financed by the State, the Ministry of the Interior, the Fund Hassan II and the Commune (Commune of Fez)

 Initiated as part of the project to promote the Medina and its access, these parking areas will be developed Bab Boujloud, Sidi Bounafaa, Ain Azliten, Oued Zhoun, Bab El Guissa, Bab El Hamra, Bab Jdid, and Bin Lamdoun.

With a total capacity of nearly 4,000 places, the construction of the car parks will cost some 300 million DH. "At least two of them will be underground. "They will all be equipped with signs, information screens, and green spaces," said Driss El Azami El Idrissi, mayor of Fez.

The authorities evacuated the old car parks, including that of Bab El Guissa, adjoining the Palais Jamai hotel. In Bab Boujloud, the operation will be much more complex since it will be necessary to clean up a property of 11,45ha, before launching the building site.

The initiators of the project have already prepared the architectural plans and the financial arrangement of the various actions. Thus, a budget of 100 million DH is reserved for the acquisition of land. It will be supported by the Domains of the State and the Municipality of Fez.

In addition, the development of car parks, the rehabilitation of the streets of the medina, the rehabilitation of public spaces and the installation of an information devices will require an investment of 300 million DH. This amount is financed equally by the Ministry of the Interior and the Hassan II Fund.

The general planning of execution will extend until 2022. The objective is to preserve "the academic and spiritual identity" of the millenarian city. It is in this spirit that in 2013, a first program of safeguarding the monuments of the old medina had been put in place and today has enabled the rehabilitation of 27 sites with high historic value.

The new project should revitalise the economic activity of the medina and its main markets. "Because, with the improvement of accessibility and development of car parks, including those of the municipalities of Mechouar Fez-Jdid and Jnane El Ouard, visitors will be more and more numerous, Moroccan and foreign", says the mayor.

The program will finance the development and repair of roads and cobblestones of 23 km of lanes. This will embellish the urban landscape of the ancient fabric of the medina.

In addition to the restoration of historic monuments, the development of car parks and the improvement of accessibility to historical sites, it will be necessary to create a cultural activity to boost tourism. This is the idea defended by Said Zniber, wali of the Fez-Meknes region. The latter associates with its project university and tourism professionals to create a bank of cultural projects in the image of Fez. To begin, a reflection is led on the culinary and artistic animation of the place Boujloud. It is the same for the animation of the garden Jnane Sbill as well as the "sound and light" of Fez. For these last two sites, the mission is entrusted to Abderrafih Zouitene, president of the Spirit Foundation of Fez.


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