Thursday, November 28, 2019

The FIFM gives pride of place to Australian cinema

The International Festival of Marrakech Film (MIFF) honours Australian film this year.  25 internationally renowned artists will be present for this 18th edition, including Naomi Watts, Simon Baker, Anthony LaPaglia, Sarah Snook and many others

Australia has produced films often recognised worldwide, while many of its actors and directors have acquired over the years an international reputation and headed for Hollywood.

According to the organisers of the festival, "Australia's choice owes nothing to chance. Considered to be one of the oldest in the world, Australian cinema has regularly supplied some of the most important masterpieces of world cinema".

The Festival presents 25 Australian feature films showing all the diversity and singularity of this great cinematography.

-Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive, King Kong)
-Geoffrey Rush (Shine, The Speech of a King)
-Simon Baker (Mentalist)
-Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingdom, The dark hours)
-Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty, Gatsby the Magnificent)
-Baby Cornish (Bright star, Limitless)
-David Wenham (Top of the lake, Lion)
-Anthony La Paglia (Lantana)
-Radha Mitchell (Melinda and Melinda, Silent Hill)
-Greta Scacchi (On the road to Nairobi, The Player)
-Jack Thompson (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Australia)
-Aden Young (Killer Elite, Rectify)
-Richard Roxburgh (Impossible Mission II, Moulin Rouge!)
-Sarah Snook (Steve Jobs).
-Gillian Armstrong (My brilliant Career)
-Bruce Beresford (Miss Daisy and her driver - Oscar for best movie 1989)
-Rolf De Heer (Charlie's country)
John Duigan (The year my voice broke)
-Mirrah Foulkes (Judy & Punch)
-Samantha Lang (The Well)
-David Michod (Animal Kingdom)
-Rachel Perkins (Bran Nue Dae)
-Molly Reynolds (Another country)
-Fred Schepisi (A cry in the night)
-Jan Chapman (The Piano Lesson)


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