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International Artists Gathering of Fez, 9-12 January 2020

“Creative Economy” at “the Fez Gathering”, the 5th Annual International Artists Gathering of Fez, 9-12 January 2020

The fifth Annual International Artists Gathering of Fez, Morocco is celebrating the theme “Creative Economy.” The Fez Gathering is a dynamic, Fez-based event consisting of
exhibitions, panels, demonstrations, and workshops, which brings together artists from Morocco and the international community. It supports the artistic community of Fez by providing a space to exhibit their work to international artists, academics and guests.

During its fifth edition in January 2020, the Fez Gathering will focus on the powerful role of arts and culture in the creative economy, as well as analyze and reflect upon how the arts contribute to sustainable human development, particularly within an ancient city with a modern role. Presentations and panels will explore how creative industries are a vehicle for economic development in Morocco and Africa. The Fez Gathering will explore the role of art in society, and how it can be used as a tool to impact social economics. It will offer a global platform for participants to discuss and explore the role of art in the modern world.

Artists joining us this year include Gathering regular Hamza El Fasiki, an artisan and entrepreneur from Fez; Makhanatet Koné, a fashion designer from the Ivory Coast; Lamiae Skalli, a silversmith and entrepreneur from Fez; and Niccy Pallant, an artist from Australia. Ali Gharib, curator from Germany, Ewa Potocka, a visual artist from Poland.

Omar Chennafi, a Moroccan artist and photographer who is a native of Fez, established the Fez Gathering in 2015. The goal of each Gathering is to encourage dialogue and engagement with the arts.

In the spirit of the festival, admission is free and open to the public. After the event, participants are invited to get involved and share their feedback. The four-day festival will be documented and shared on social media. Coverage will include interviews with artists and participants.

The International Artists Gathering of Fez is supported by The American Language Center of Fez, The Goethe Institute in Rabat, Cafe Clock, The Fez Medina Project, Palais Amani and The View From Fez.

For more information, a full schedule of the Fez International Gathering of Artists, or for press inquiries, contact the Fez Gathering Press/Media Coordinator at

Visit online at and on Twitter @FezGathering.


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