Sunday, March 22, 2020

Morocco Bans Intercity Travel

The Moroccan government has decided to prohibit all forms of intercity transportation

As part of the declared state of a health emergency, it was decided to ban private and public means of transport between cities, starting on Saturday, March 21 at midnight,” -  statement from the Interior Ministry.

According to the same document, this prohibition does not apply to the transportation of goods and basic products which is carried out under normal and fluid conditions so as to meet the daily needs of citizens. Neither does it apply to travel for health and professional reasons proven by documents issued by administrations and establishments, added the ministry.

In the wake of the decision of the Ministry of Interior, Morocco’s airline Royal Air Maroc has also announced the suspension, until further notice, of all its domestic flights, in the application of the decision by the government of the Kingdom of Morocco regarding “the State of health emergency”.

Morocco to Suspend Intercity Buses
Bus stations will not sell any tickets for trips with an arrival time after Tuesday midnight.

After the suspension, transport companies should make their buses available at the disposition of local authorities if needed.

The decision comes after Morocco entered a state of emergency on Friday, March 20. The emergency declaration aims to limit citizens’ movement in order to control the COVID-19 spread in the country.

According to the new regulations, intercity travel will face unprecedented restrictions.

Following the suspension of buses, traveling between cities will only be possible via trains or private vehicles. However, traveliers will have to undergo checks from the authorities and provide justifications for their travel.

Train travel restricted
The National Office of Railways (ONCF) announced in a statement today, March 21, that it will limit train movement to specific destinations while suspending travel to all other destinations.

The travel ban will enter into force on Monday, March 23 at 11:59 p.m. The order comes in line with Morocco’s decision to ban inter-city travel during the state of emergency imposed on Friday, March 20.

ONCF added that it will provide minimum proximity trains linking Casablanca to Rabat and Kenitra, linking Casablanca and Mohammed V Airport, and linking Casablanca to Settat and El Jadida.


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