Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What's Happening in the Fez Medina?

COVID-19 cases in Morocco climb to 143 with a majority in Fez-Meknes region. The majority of Morocco’s confirmed cases are concentrated in the Fez-Meknes region, with 35 cases, followed by Casablanca-Settat (34 cases) and Rabat-Sale-Kenitra (32 cases).

Fewer people in the souk

There has been no information specific to Fez, but rather a grouping under the label of "Fez-Meknes".
It would be helpful to have the two cities infection figures made public. The crowded nature of the Medina makes close contact with others unavoidable  - but, thankfully, almost everyone is staying at home and only coming out for essentials.

 Interior minister Abdelouafi Laftit called on Moroccans to respect the measures undertaken by public authorities. He then encouraged everyone to respect the quarantine imposed since March 20, adding that exceptional movement permits and working documents have been issued to allow mobility of citizens and residents.

“The objective at the moment is to find solutions, something to which Morocco aspires through the Special Fund for the management of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Laftit.

The draft law, as part of the government’s urgent COVID-19 preventive measures, provides a legal framework for public authorities to take appropriate measures and to declare a state of health emergency whenever the citizens’ safety is threatened by an epidemic.

The streets are almost deserted with fewer taxis and a marked presence of police

Meanwhile, there have been some bizarre developments. Morocco has arrested a man for claiming that sexual intercourse protects against coronavirus! The author of the video claimed to be a specialist in microscopic analyst at a medical institute, advising people to have daily sexual intercourse to avoid contracting COVID-19.

Police in Fez have also arrested two men in Fez for manufacturing fake disinfectant. The increasing demand on disinfectants and sanitisers has led a number of Moroccans to take advantage of citizens by selling them fake products.

Search operations led to the confiscation of 22,000 pairs of paramedical gloves, 1,400 paramedical masks, and 1,716 flasks containing chemical solutions labelled “sterilisation solution.”

Authorities also seized 21 containers of paint thinner, 6 bottles of cologne, and 21 pieces of homemade soap.

The suspects possessed a large quantity of drugs, syringes, laboratory equipment, and money suspected to be the income of their criminal activity.

Place Rcif is almost empty

Talking to people in the vegetable souk at Rcif revealed that most are in a good mood but very aware of the consequences of close contact. People kept their distance and refrained from the normal handshake. "It's not an easy time " a small stall holder said, 'But together we will get through it, inshallah"


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