Thursday, May 28, 2020

Morocco's Cafes and Restaurants to have limited opening on Friday!

The Moroccan Ministry of Industry, Investment, Trade, and Digital Economy declared today that cafes and restaurant owners can resume their service activities starting tomorrow, May 29.

However, the resumption only allows mobile orders and delivery services to customers, indicated the ministry in a press release.

In order to ensure the protection of customers and prevent a major COVID-19 outbreak, the ministry’s statement called on cafe and restaurant owners to comply with the preventive measures and health rules issued by health authorities.

Preventive measures include ensuring the cleanliness of the workplace and installations on a daily basis, guaranteeing adequate ventilation for the workplace, providing antiseptic solutions and protective masks for workers, as well as organizing a work schedule that reduces the presence of employees at the same time.

Employers also must respect the rules of social distancing between employees themselves and between employees and customers, as well as ensuring the safety of food products during the process of preparing, packaging, and delivering orders to customers.

Restaurant and cafe workers also must deliver orders outside their facilities.

The ministry also urged the owners to help raise awareness about the spread of COVID-19 among their employees, to comply with sanitary measures inside and outside the food service facilities, and inform health authorities if they suspect a COVID-19 infection among staff.

Ministry-affiliated oversight committees will be monitoring and tracking the extent of compliance with these rules, and taking necessary measures and sanctions against violators, the release concluded.

Moroccan cafes and restaurants have been closed since March 16, following the Ministry of the Interior’s ban of public gatherings over 50 people.


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