Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ahmed Barakat (Moroccan Poets #3)

Ahmed Barakat (1960-1994) grew up and spent most of his life in Casablanca.He was a journalist for the Moroccan newspaper Bayane Al Yawm. His death in 1994 at the age of 34, in the prime of his poetic career, felt like a personal shock to most Moroccan poets. Barakat was a champion of the prose poem in Morocco, and is believed to be the writer of the first Moroccan manifesto defending and celebrating the Moroccan prose poem. For more information on Barakat, visit the Poetry International Web

A small word

I am going to the market
Please wait till I come back
You can wash your clothes if you get bored
And if the door disturbs you
Take it off
And put anything in its place
Please don’t leave your face inside the mirror
And then quit by the window
Don’t commit suicide as is your habit

For me
I come back

© Translation: 2004, Norddine Zouitni

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