Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fez for Dummies - Part One

So you think you know about Fez? Okay here's your chance to test yourself.

The answers will be supplied in a future post. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. Incorrect answers reduce your score by ten points.

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  • (1) Bab Boujeloud is ....
    a: A Moroccan female blues singer.
    b: A form of blue henna.
    c: A gate that is green on one side, blue on the other.
    d: A famous statue carved from bluestone.

  • (2) The souq at R'cif is famous for its...
    a: Fruit and vegetables.
    b: Copper crafts.
    c: Henna products.
    d: Pirated DVDs and CDs.

  • (3) The person in the picture is smiling because...
    a: You agreed to buy a carpet.
    b: You applauded his oud playing.
    c: You just sat down.
    d: You rented a donkey from him.

  • (4) A "nus-nus" is ...
    a: A coffee with milk.
    b: A small Moroccan marsupial
    c: A blue jellabir worn on special occasions.
    d: The Moroccan word for a mouse.

  • (5) A "dar" is ...
    a: The Irish word for "father".
    b: Local Moroccan beer.
    c: A hotel owned by a foreigner.
    d: A house.

  • (6)If you hear someone call "Andek", you should...
    a: Rush over and buy one.
    b: Get out of the way.
    c: Stroke the donkey.
    d: Show them your passport.

  • (7) Couscous is usually eaten...
    a: By foreigners at expensive restaurants.
    b: At Christmas time.
    c: On Saturday nights.
    d: Friday lunch.

  • (8) Nejjarine is...
    a: A citrus fruit.
    b: A square in Fez
    e: Moroccan word for "tangerine".
    d: A dish for serving couscous.

  • (9) The Hotel Batha used to be...
    a: The French Protectorate Office.
    b: The British Consul's Office
    c: The Spanish Embassy.
    d: A hotel.

  • (10) The picture to the left is of...
    a: Bab Ftouh
    b: Bab Guissa
    c: Bab R'cif
    d: Bab Ziat

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