Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mentally disturbed attacker - repeat offender

The attacker near the Nejjarine museum in Fez is the same man who wounded a Dutch tourist last year. It is understood that the attacker was a shoe-maker from Bourniat. Born in 1981, the man had been an inmate of the Ibn Al Hassan mental hospital and was released on November 21 after being locked up for a previous attack on a tourist. The 62 year old French woman victim and a fellow tourist who injured her head falling in the attack have been treated at a private clinic and the El Ghassani hospital

Aujourd'hui Le Matin is reporting that this is not an islamist attack by some crazy fundamentalist, but simply a crazy individual. They quote the police as saying "This has nothing to do with islamism. The perpetrator is a mentally disturbed man who had just been released from a psychiatric hospital. According to the first results of the investigation, the disturbed man had not targeted the woman, but her husband. He managed to avoid the stab and it was hs wife who took the blow in her abdominal region. She was taken to hospital for treatment. Sources say the woman's situation is improving. Another woman in the same group was hurt when she fell down during the attack."



Anonymous said...

Of course, as in our own countries, we believe EVERYTHING we read in the newspapers!!!!

Open your eyes and read between the lines.

Liosliath said...

Jamal, is that you?

Mohammed said...

I think it is the Jamal who wrote some stuff on Thorntree.

Anonymous said...

I am not Jamal, but I do have a comment about this piece: it seems odd that a man convicted of stabbing a tourist last year would we back on the street this year to commit another crime.

I have been burgled twice in several years here and both times the perpetrators were caught and sentenced to three years in prison....and these were petty burglaries (and for the record, I did not want to press charges - the state went ahead without my agreement).

So, are we to believe that stabbing someone carries a lesser sentence than petty theft? Or is it possible that maybe this is a different person? I honestly dont know - just posing the question.

El Glaoui said...

It is the same man, but he was being treated for a mental issue, rather than being jailed for stabbing. This time he most likely will go to jail.