Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Australians in Morocco

The most recent statistics show that over 20,000 Australians are entering Morocco every year. While the vast majority only stay a few weeks on holiday, many are staying on as temporary residents or are dual nationals. With that in mind, here is a some important information for any readers who might have an Australian Passport in their pockets.

Although there is no Australian Embassy in Morocco itself, the Australian Embassy in Paris, France is available to assist any Australian citizen who might be in need of help or consular advice, and the first point of contact is their web site:
The first thing that any Australian passing through Morocco should do is to let the Embassy know where and when you are planning to visit. You can take just five minutes to “register on line” via the above web site. That way the Embassy is able to contact you with information such as upcoming elections, travel warnings or other information relating to your general security and wellbeing.
The Embassy can also let you know when an Australian Consular Officer may be in Morocco. On such occasions, if you wish to meet with an Embassy staff member, you are invited to contact the Embassy by e-mail to make an appointment
A Consular Officer will be in Morocco on Monday 22nd February in Casablanca and Tuesday 23rd February in Rabat. If you wish to make an appointment to meet with him please send a short e-mail to:
In addition to offering on-line registering services, there is also a wealth of information available on the web site relating to passport applications, marriage, visa, immigration information and general consular information.
The Australian government also has a “consular sharing” agreement with our Canadian Embassy counterparts and any Australian citizen seeking consular assistance may contact or present directly (during office hours) to the Canadian Embassy in Rabat.
Embassy of Canada in Morocco
13, bis rue Jaâfa-as-Sadik, Agdal
Rabat, Morocco
Postal Address
Embassy of Canada in Morocco
C.P. 709 Rabat-Agdal
Telephone: ( 212) 537 68 74 00
The Canadian Embassy cannot issue Australian passports but in certain cases they can provide emergency travel documentation to allow you to travel to the nearest Australian Embassy. They may also be able to provide assistance with certain notarial acts.


Jillian said...

Dual nationals? Not exactly...Morocco does not allow naturalization. You're only a Moroccan if you're born a Moroccan.

Anonymous said...

there are lots of dual nationals out there! People with both French and Moroccan passports for example. So, I guess there are also lots of Australians who also hold Moroccan passports, no?

Emomo said...

Just in case someone has Moroccan & Australian parents. Here is double nationality, although it's rare to see it (But possible since we even see people from Moroccan & Japanese or "exotic" nationalities :D)
Maybe Australia should make an effort & open an embassy. It will stop scams in which Moroccans wanting to reach the country fall as procedures are difficult & expensive (Going from Morocco to Egypt (Already we need visa for Egypt) just to put a tourist visa to Australia, So crazy!!)

Sandy McCutcheon said...

Just to clarify: there are Australian Moroccans with dual nationality.