Friday, February 05, 2010

New direct flight from London to Fez

Ryanair has announced a rash of new destinations for the summer months, including a direct flight from Stansted to Fez.

This news will come as a great relief to visitors, guesthouse and hotel owners and local expats. The low-cost airlines such as Jet4You and EasyJet have been flying into Fez for some time and the city sees a lot of visitors from Spain, Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

But visits from British tourists have fallen markedly since Atlas Blue stopped their direct flight, so it makes a great deal of sense for this route to be restored. Certainly it will be a boon for people wanting to come to Fez for the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music at the beginning of June.

Ryanair isn't everyone's favourite airline, with their plans for pay-toilets and standing room tickets. As one blogger put it recently, Ryanair is the airline you love to hate, but secretly book at home.

Flights from Stansted will start on 4 May and cost from £31.99.


Dominick said...

For Fez residents, the first flight to London actually leaves on 2nd May and Ryanair are also starting up Fez-Pisa flights straight after Easter on 7th April which will mean easy access to Tuscany/Umbria with Florence & Sienna etc. within easy reach.

Piggy said...

Bravo Ryanair. You get what you pay for with them and I must say they are always on time.
Now do some flights from Gatwick to Fez and they will be onto a winner.

Anonymous said...

Yippeeee!!!! This made my day