Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mosaic fountain for Canada's Moroccan Jews

Over 50 years ago, Moroccan Jews started settling in Toronto, Canada. They now have a beautiful mosaic fountain to remind them of their heritage.

Fountain in Toronto

Kehila Centre executive vice-president Maurice Benzacar said at the unveiling and dedication of the fountain that the community in Toronto is committed to preserving their Moroccan customs and traditions.

The fountain was donated by HM King Mohammed VI to the Sephardic Kehila Centre. Three Moroccan zellijis (mosaic craftsmen) accompanied the fountain to Canada in order to put the finishing touches to this magnificent piece of work.

The Moroccan king’s ambassador to Canada, Nouzha Chekrouni, attended the ceremony to unveil the colourful mosaic fountain located in the foyer of the synagogue.

“This gift is a tribute to all of you,” Chekrouni said.

“Whenever you come to the Kehila Centre, please take a second and stop near the fountain and feel, through the flow of water, the everlasting love that links you to your country wherever you are.”

“This is a very special gift, a gift that is a testament to the strong cultural ties between the Toronto Moroccan Jewish community and the land of our heritage", said Benzacar.

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