Monday, April 05, 2010

Fes Festival of Sufi Culture: update

Fez will host the fourth annual Festival of Sufi Culture from 17-24 April at the Batha Museum in the medina.

Sufi scholar and founder of the festival, Faouzi Skali, explains that Sufism is the path of spiritual education and teaching, and can be considered heart of the Islamic tradition. Throughout history Sufism has been a source of literary, poetical, intellectual, artistic and musical creativity. On a more global scale, which has not been completely explored yet, its profound and creative legacy, added to its teaching in civic and spiritual education, have inspired the development of society.

Through its annual program, The Fez Festival of Sufi Culture endeavors to highlight the link between this individual and spiritual experience and the diversity of its cultural and social expressions. There is an interesting programme of discussions and talks around the theme of Mystery and Poetry that take place at the Batha Museum. The programme can be found here; there have been some minor changes since our previous story on this festival in January.

In addition to the conference, there's an exciting array of musical events planned for the festival. All the concerts start at 21h00 and, except for the closing night, take place at the Batha Museum. All the concerts featuring Sufi brotherhoods (tariqiyya) are free of charge. Tickets will be available at the door. Here's the programme:

Saturday 17 April: Sheik Habboush and Jalal Eddine Weiss (Syria, Turkey, France): Ecstatic song (Dh200)

Jalal Eddine Weiss (left) and Sheik Habboush

Sunday 18 April: The Chishty Sufi Sama Ensemble (Shahi Qawwals ) from Ajmer Dargah Sharif (India) (Dh200)

Monday 19 April: There's an extra afternoon concert from at 16h00: Maqâmât : Music and Sufi Chants from China (China) (Dh100)
And at 21h00: Samaa Evening: Hassani chants of the Tariqa Boutchichiyya from Laâyoune (Morocco) (free)

Tuesday 20 April: Samaa Evening:
* 1st Part : Tariqa Charqawiyya (Morocco)
* 2nd Part : Tariqa Darqawiyya – Taybah Group (Syria, France, Morocco) (free)

Wednesday 21 April: Samaa Evening:
* 1st Part : Tariqa Wazzania (Morocco)
* 2nd Part : Tariqa Siqilliyya Khalwatiyya (Morocco) (free)

Thursday 22 April:
* 1st Part : Mustafa Zaman Abbasi (Bangladesh)
* 2nd Part : Al Munfarija Samaa of Fez – Haj Mohammed Bennis (Morocco) (D200)

Friday 23 April: Maqamat of God's desire Hussain Al Aadhamy (Iraq, Jordan) (Dh200)

Saturday 24 April: the final concert will be held at 21h00 at the Jnan Palace Hotel in the Ville Nouvelle: Spiritual Noubas: Great voices of Moroccan Samaa with Mohammed Briouel (Morocco) (Dh200)

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