Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The peculiar tale of the American Legation, Tangier

In December, we reported on our delightful trip to the American Legation Museum in Tangier and how much we enjoyed the museum and its offerings. But strange things are happening ... not everyone is allowed in, these days.

Our trip late last year was to prepare for a prestigious group of Australian visitors who are now here in Morocco on a tour of the country. On their first day in Tangier, a visit to the museum was planned. Of course, we checked that they'd be open at their advertised hours, and were assured they would be.

The party arrived at 15h00, only to be told that they couldn't come in because an important group from Agadir was expected. We asked the guard to phone the supervisor, and waited 45 minutes. No group from Agadir ever arrived, and our people went away disappointed.

Be warned! The Legation might post its opening hours at the door, but you won't be allowed in if someone 'more important' than you is expected.


Killy & frank said...

This happened to us as well. A rather rude guard said he was expecting a tour group and said we could not come on and then asked why we didn't have a guide!! It was very sad because the legation was the reason we came to Tangier from Sweden

Piggy said...

Sadly this is the way the Country is being run. Too many people at the top full of ??+T.
It does explain why the locals are angry at the way they are being governed.

Sandy McCutcheon said...

The incident was very strange. On previous trips it had not been a problem. Sadly this happened to a group who were particularly interested in the relationship between the USA and Morocco. No apology was forthcoming.

Helen Ranger said...

The American Legation has been asked for their comments on this unfortunate situation. We'll post it ... if we get one.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope they respond as this was a bad way to behave.

Helen Ranger said...

We're pleased to report that we've had a reply from the new director of the American Legation, Gerald Loftus, who says:
By the way, I read your previous posts about the American Legation in Tangier with great interest - I am going there next month (June) to be the new director. You are welcome back!

Gerald Loftus