Wednesday, May 26, 2010

49 People Flee Polisario's Camps

According to reports (MAP) just in, another forty-nine Saharawis escaped the notorious Tindouf camps (south-west of Algeria) to join their homeland, Morocco.

This new wave of returnees, which included youngsters, women and children, arrived in two groups of 30 and 19 people during the last two days.

In recent weeks, hundreds of people, most of them youngsters, managed to join Morocco by groups of 15-40 people. There has been no explanation given by the Moroccan government for the sudden upsurge in escapes from Tindouf.

The returnees said the camps' population, held against their will by the Algeria-backed separatist government of Polisario, opposes the Polisario's actions and policies, adding that Algeria's leaders use the population as tools to undermine Morocco's territorial integrity.

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Driss said...

Good news! Our prayers go out to the brothers and sisters still detained.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! My wife and I wish them well. I hope they get plenty of support after what they have been through.

Dell and Chris, Chicago

The View from Fez Team said...

This may be of interest as well:

keenast said...

Dear guys from 'The view from Fez', I have no clue what kind of 'campaign' you're on to lately with the 'Western Sahara' issue - but your latest 'up-date' to the article above can't be beat.

To give your political 'postings' the air of truth and common support you quote another 'opinion piece' posted on the otherwise quite interesting website. And this opinion piece has this disclaimer at the end:

"Sheikh Ahmadou Souilem is a former leader of the Polisario who returned to Morocco from the Tindouf refugee camps in July 2009. This opinion piece was distributed by the Beckerman public relations firm on behalf of the Moroccan government."

Again, I'm not taking sides in the Western Sahara dispute, but you fail miserably showing even the slightest will to account for idiocy/political and criminal acts on both sides of this issue.

I find this attitude really annoying. It is a disservice to you readers and as well to Morocco, even if you think differently. I've spent quite some time in Morocco and very much appreciate the warm hearted and kind people of whom I met so many. Guys like you, political agenda driven, are the very opposite - so after following your blog pretty much from the very beginning I've decided to say farewell.

The View from Fez said...

Thanks for your comment. The team have not followed any political agenda in the past nor will we in the future. It is sad that you do not think that everyone is entitled to their own point of view. We are always happy to post your comments.

Mali and Jeanne said...

"you guys"! I am afraid your critic hasn' been following your blog very closely. Your "guys" have always been very even handed and deserve congraulations. So hats off to you!

Pete in Melbourne said...

Good story and pleased you didn't jump on the activist bandwagon.

Dave said...

Forget the wackos guys, you rock!