Saturday, June 12, 2010

Caribbean jazz spices up Fez Festival

David Murray and the Gwo Ka Masters, with the legendary Archie Shepp, gave a much-appreciated performance this afternoon in Fez at the Batha Museum.

Rasul Siddik in Fez

While there was the predictable grumble about the music not being "spiritual", this didn't matter one iota to the audience withom the Gwo Ka Masters made a very instant bond. Members of the audience were on their feet within minutes of the saxophone sounding. David Murry and his free jazz were an instant success.

The legendary Archie Shepp

With the legendary Archie Shepp, Sista Kee on keyboards and the Guadeloupian duo Klod Kiavue and Francois Ladrezeau on their ka and boula drums, the afternoon was set to be a hit. Also in the line-up were JT Lewis on drums, Jaribu Shahid on bass and Rasul Siddik on trumpet.

Sista Kee

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Miles Smiles said...

You are right it was a great concert, I particularly liked the penultimate number where Archie Shepp sang, surprising the audience with his very strong 'blues' voice.
The photo of the trumpet player is of Rasul Siddik, and not David Murray as indicated.