Sunday, July 11, 2010

The last laugh?

Sidi Omar and his wife moved to Australia and settled in the city of Brisbane. It was a very different lifestyle from that which they had enjoyed back in Morocco. After a while Sidi Omar was determined to keep things the way he had liked them back in the old country, so he came home one day and told his wife:

"I've been thinking.....I am the MAN of the house, so starting tomorrow I want to have a hot, delicious meal ready for me the minute I walk through that door ... Afterwards, while watching TV and relaxing in my chair, you'll bring me my slippers and then massage my feet ....and when you are done with that, guess who's going to get ready to wash me from head to toe and prepare me up for a nice long uninterrupted sleep?

Sidi Omar's wife smiled and replied, "The Brisbane Muslim Burial Services."

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