Monday, July 12, 2010

A Moroccan Love Story?

Is there something in the Moroccan air? Something, maybe, in the water? Whatever it is it seems to be a powerful force when it comes to instant love. While there are many stories that could be told, our Celeb Affairs Editor, Amanda Huntingdon-Smyth, takes up the story of a love affair in Agadir, that has tongues wagging across the UK.
She is 46. He is 21. She is a well known British soap opera star and he is a virtually penniless Moroccan goatherd. According to various media reports (RTE, News of the World et al) Eastenders' star, Cheryl Fergison is to wed a Moroccan goatherd Yassim al-Jemoni "after romping with him in a field".

The happy couple.

Divorcee Cheryl, who plays the dimwitted Heather Trott in the soap and is described by her friends as being diabetic and clinically obese, met Yassim on a social networking site. After a few Skype conversations she travelled to Morocco to meet him. Unable to spend private time in Yassim's parents apartment they spent time out amongst the goats and love was born!.

"It was electric," Cheryl says,"He made me feel like a woman."

Then, according to The News of the World, there was a second visit to Morocco at the end of June when Cheryl booked a luxurious villa for them both and revealed that she was a famous TV star in Britain.

The goatherd soon proposed to her, insisting it had nothing to do with her wealth. Smitten Cheryl was unsure at first but returned home to confide in friends that she'd found "the one". Well, good for him! Now, believe it or not the happy romping couple are to get married.

Will it end in smiles or tears? We'll keep you posted.

As promised here is the update: Moroccan Love Story Part 2


Emomo said...

Actually, the boy is working as shop assistant, not goatherd as said before.
And then, can tabloids keep the couple in peace?

Anonymous said...

Come on you stupid people - stop letting people in the UK through the backdoor. This is a plan - first he is charming, once in he will start cheating and probably abusing too, then at three years (= passport) it will be mission accomplished. People like this pain the British public because often times we end up paying for them, one way or another. For those reading this as cynical, well, it's the most well known gameplan in Morocco. Come live here for a while and you will see.

Pavlov's kitten said...

I agree - this is one silly situation and yet I feel sorry for this woman who is obviously, sad, lonely and unhappy.

Anonymous said...

You are just a bigot, to borrow Gordon Brown phrase. In this situation who is abusing who? Do you really think that a British passport is worth being lumbered up with a woman like that? A dim-witted, unwashed second rate actress in one of the most mentally constipated soaps? I don’t think so, her character in easterners is that of a social reject, brainless, obese and most remarkably repulsively ugly, a role that didn’t require her too much an effort, she could simply “be herself” and the mission is accomplished. A 46 years old grabbing a toy boy less than half her age is according to you an honourable act. If that boy sticks around her more than an hour, he will need his brain looked into.By the way which school did you go to that let you get a way with a clumsy sentence like this “People like this pain the British public because often times we end up paying for them, one way or another. For those reading this as cynical, well, it's the most well known gameplan in Morocco”.

Anonymous said...

Poor young man...

Piggy said...

Bits of truth in all the comments. Sad that many see fit to insult the lady.

Vago said...

If that's how her friends describe her, what do those who consider themselves her enemies say...

You gotta give the boy some credit, game plan or not, he is most certainly making a sacrifice for his family's welfare.

As to those poor Brits, ummm....maybe some responsibility is required for that Empire that the sun never set on and all the people it used to make Britain a wealthy modern state...

And if it is love, stranger things have happened. Who would have ever thought that the United States which was once one of the most brutal slave states in the world would ever get away with calling itself the land of the free?

Nothing is impossible in this world.

Pavlov's kitten said...

Interesting comments. A bit off topic, but have to take issue with Miss Vago. The USA still has a cheek to call itself "the land of the free". I just traveled through a lot of the southern USA and it is still in many ways a third world country. The poverty, racism and n neglect is very sad.

Anyway, Miss Vago, I hope that this story was about love. But I am not holding my breath!

shikira clare said...

She may be untypically stunning as a celebrity figure, yet few men and women find skinny, make-up clad air heads the worst of what 'ugly' conjurs. Even some of the most beautiful women that have ever been, have fluctuated in their weight, so why is she seen as any different?

Her role as Heather in Eastenders may appear deviod of character, yet far more real-life women can relate to her more than they can any other female celebrity is a fact.

The actress has a wealth of core talents, she does not boast about them - clearly, the reason why she is 'typecast' is mostly because she represents more real-life women than the ones who are artificially constructed.

I don't get the immigration rants on the feedback about her. men get wed to Thai brides in the UK, who freely live off their husbands - yet she is entirely a complete self-supporting woman. NPerhaps her humility is what her partner finds most attractive?

Human qualities do not have to some kind of physical excellence in order that love is reciprocated - unless you are only driven by the material gains of a uinion.

The commentary on this article has raised awareness of just how ugly people's opinions really are, and how sad that we are far less civilised in our thoughts than even the ancient Greeks.