Sunday, May 22, 2011

Love in Morocco: Cheryl Fergison marries her Moroccan

The View from Fez ran a story in July last year (see it here) about the British actress Cheryl Fergison, who had found love in Morocco. The story engendered plenty of comments about the match. Now the UK's Mirror reports that the lovers have tied the knot.

It seems that 25-year-old Yassine al-Jermoni is a shop assistant in Agadir, rather than a goatherd as reported earlier. 46-year-old Cheryl, who appears in the BBC1 soapie Eastenders, 'met' Yassine in an internet chatroom and fell instantly in love.

Cheryl has been spending as much time as possible in Morocco, and the couple was secretly married in Agadir on 28 April. She now divides her time between Morocco and her home in Kent. Cheryl has bought an apartment in an upmarket part of Agadir, and last week flew to the coastal resort with her 12-year-old son Alex from a previous marriage. The apartment must be a big change for Yassine, who grew up in a rundown suburb.

Unfortunately, though, Yassine has no visa allowing him to move to the UK, so Cheryl has hired a ­solicitor to speed up the legal process. She has taken time off from ­EastEnders, where she earns €114,000 a year, to ­oversee Yassine’s visa application. It is believed that the couple are planning a UK ceremony with all Cheryl’s friends and ­family when Yassine finally moves here.

A neighbour at their Agadir apartment said: “Cheryl seems to have settled in well during her trips here. She goes out in the ­mornings to put the rubbish out and buy croissants from a local baker. Yassine’s a late riser and you don’t see much of him until mid-­afternoon.”

Cheryl stunned friends and colleagues last year when she revealed that she was going to marry the penniless Moroccan after just a few months ­together. Her previous marriage to ­Jamshed Saddiqi broke down in 2008. But she says she is positive that this marriage will last and that she’s met the man of her dreams.

In a previous interview she said: “I’ve never been so happy. I’ve found a bliss I didn’t know existed. I don’t think I’ve ever been in love until now.”

Speaking about how their romance flourished over the ­internet before she flew to ­Morocco to meet Yassine, ­Cheryl said: “I get a feeling about people, gut instincts... we just talked and talked for hours. I fell in love before we’d even met.”

Yassine, equally smitten, said when describing their first ­meeting: “It was amazing when I first laid eyes on my beautiful Cheryl.

“That was the most ­emotional day of my life.”

Cheryl sports a new silver wedding ring

photos: Mirror

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