Saturday, May 21, 2011

The International Institute for Languages and Cultures - Inauguration in Fez

Mohammed Rharrabi Wali of Fes-Boulemane - pictured above with Monsieur Moha Ennaji and Madame Fatima Sadiqi - was a guest of honour this afternoon at the inauguration of The International Institute for Languages and Cultures (INLAC).

The Institute actually opened its doors in September and been running a variety of courses since that time. Talking with students at the inauguration, they praised the diversity of courses available and said that the tuition is of the highest standard. Students from Universities around the world now attend classes at INLAC.

Also attending was Jim Miller (above), Executive Secretary with the Fulbright Foundation and David Amster from ALIF (pictured below).

The guests paid tribute to the tireless work of Fatima Sadiqi and her husband Moha Ennaji (pictured below) in making INLAC a reality and a real contribution to the cultural and academic life of Fez.

The Institute combines quality of courses with the essence of Fez, home to the oldest university in the world. It brings together academics, theologians, politicians and social activists to discuss urgent issues of our time. These range from interfaith and inter-cultural topics to conflict resolution, youth concerns, gender, development and human rights, and social justice.

Fatima describes INLAC as a beacon of cross-cultural understanding that fits well with what Fez, an ancestral Islamic city, stands for. By harnessing the insights and wisdom of the great 14th century scholars like Maimonides, Ibn Khaldoun and Aurillac who lived and worked together in Fez, taboos and preconceptions will be broken.

For more information go to INLAC

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